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funny deep tagalog words

Question: What does "salpok" means in Tagalog? I did? Someone doesn't seem happy before that I ve included outdated slang words and is expecting more na mas gamit ngayon, but you're the opposite. Tagalog is the native language of the ethnic group of the same name, based largely in the Central and Southern Luzon provinces of the Philippines. Maybe you know another meaning for those words. Narito. Example: Dehins ko gets means "I don't get it.". Or else you'll find yourself reaching for a glass of water to help push down the food in your throat because you're dealing with this - hirin. "Petmalu" is a Tagalog slang word that translates to "extreme, exceptional, cool, excellent, or something extraordinary," such as these magnificent rice fields. About 'havey' from another comment. Question: What does "awit" mean in Filipino? Doesn't "erpat" and "ermat" come from the words father and mother respectively? Be hip and try it sometime! JP Carlos from Quezon CIty, Phlippines on March 21, 2017: I use a lot of these words on a daily basis. However, bulilyaso means "a failed, or unsuccessful, plan due to an unexpected turn of events.". Learn Filipino in the fastest, Maybe you can share the most latest Tagalog slang words of the year 2020? Mother --Mater -- Ermat. Have you ever talked to someone and the person just goes on and on, like nonstop? I heard most of these, but not all of them. Reading this Tagalog slang word's syllables backwards will give you "meyor." I could just give a thumbs down if it was such a fail or if I didn't approve the joke. "beshie" or "bes" is amongst females. 8,313 visits. Let's say it is a comfortable place but it's just that feeling of not being in the home you got used to. Tanga! Petmalu talaga ang performance mo on stage lodi! If so, what is its meaning? 23. Tagalog slang words come and go, and usually the life of a slang word depends on where it was created (e.g., television, radio shows) and how often they are used. Question: What does "ahmp" mean in Pilipino? Did you get wasted last night from having too much to drink? So the next time you hear it, you'll know what it means. Fun Filipino Words With Beauty. I'll change my course, I'll take culinary instead. You don’t call a guy friend “mars”. No, it’s not the accent or tone or how fast they talk–it’s their words translated in Tagalog that’ll make you crazy. precy anza (author) from USA on October 26, 2019: That translates to "You're too full of yourself!" Oct 10, 2020 - Explore Justine's board "Hugot", followed by 106 people on Pinterest. Gusto is the common word used for this. It's not uncommon to be asked by a Filipino to close the TV. Have you ever used a restroom that smells because it isn't always flushed right after used and the smell of urine lingers? 'Arbor' means asking someone for something they own, not to borrow but to have as your own. 1. bright, spacious and well-ventilated; 2. sunny; 3. pleasant (weather); 4. serene Translates to "stupid". You said some are wrong. Maaari. Pitik. The whole time she saw me as the quiet teacher’s pet who was shy as hell. I approved your joke it made me chuckle. This slang word means "mealtime" or "food." Question: what does "namo" mean in Filipino? Father-- Pater-- Erpat. 5. ', Thanks for the comments and feed back. Batid. But. Precy enjoys helping others learn to speak and appreciate the Filipino and Ilocano language. Used when you are describing an unfortunate situation. I wish I did though lol. Nais. BuzzFeed Philippines asked Twitter and Facebook followers for some of their favorite words in the Philippine language. You may think you’re already in a different dimension when you hear Bisayan words. awon - "yes, sir! The word you're looking for is walwal. Pedro: May pera ka ba diyan? Huwad. The standard word used in place of walwal or nagwalwal is naglasing. ", Both of these are in right now and oh-so-hip! The English word "power" spelled as pawer, when jumbled, will give you werpa. Since the nation's capital and most densely populated city, Manila, resides in that region, Tagalog was deemed in the first Constitution in 1897 to be the nation's official language. Siguro nga outdated, gaya ng sabi ng isa pero naririnig ko pa rin ang ibang slang on the list until today at kahit ako nasurpresa kasi sabi nga outdated na daw. Have you heard this word used? The purpose of this list is to give a rough idea of the Tagalog language. This is a slang word that might either be easy for you to guess or might potentially make you pause, think, and scratch your head. Pag from kapag means 'when'. Matamis pero maraming nakikisawsaw. Keri means "can do.". Her mom was supposed to go there with another coworker, but they changed their mind today. Hahaha. Barbecue chicken?Kara: Bulilyaso, brother. Say what now?! And Mars is used to refer a female friend. If you reverse the syllables, you get tsekot, which is the Tagalog slang for car. These two words mean "father" and "mother" or "dad" and "mom," respectively. ', im so thank full with this website it so useful. Posted by Anneca Mendez. ", "affirmative!" Example: Taratitat ka talaga means "you're really talkative. Linda Bryen from United Kingdom on February 28, 2018: Hi! So popular, in fact, that if there was a list of the most used Tagalog slang words, this one would be at the top. Answer: All I could think of is a short form of a Filipino swear word equivalent to the English "F" word. Is it a slang term? See more ideas about hugot, tagalog quotes, pinoy quotes. The Tagalog equivalent for the magic phrase "thank you" is salamat. And you brought snacks, souvenirs, and other items with you when you got back home for family and friends? 'Kapag/pag may time' means 'When there's time.'. I was originally going to add this one to #4 on the list, since both are used as slang for "kidding" or "joking." C: zizter nakita ko ex mo may jowa na ulet. It is Ilocano if that's the case. Tsibog, krung-krung, yorme, and a few more still used pa rin naman until today. She also writes about Filipino culture. Awit, Arat. No matter what your preference is, they all mean the same thing—stupid. Worry not, below is a list of the most used weird Filipino or Tagalog words with no English translation that you'll likely encounter. Where and how Tagalog slang words are derived have been the object of curiosity for some etymologists. Mumu is the word for "ghosts," "spirits," and "anything that goes bump in the night. It is rarely used by itself. I didn't know they were that outdated, I still hear them used nowadays. Comment appreciated. WORDS and their ridiculous meanings: 01) Contemplate – kulang ang mga pinggan 02) Punctuation – pera para maka-enrol 03) Ice Buko – nagtatanong kung ayos na ang buhok 04) Tenacious – sapatos na … Answer: "Laslas" means slashed. This page contains a course in Filipino phrases and daily expressions as well as a list of other lessons in grammar topics and common words in Filipino also called Filipino. Hi there, what is the meaning of labs in Filipinos? What does “hakdog and po” means in Tagalog? When I was in first grade, my teacher taught me that “shin” was another word for leg. Gusto kitang makita. Although it is based in Tagalog and the two languages are similar in many ways, Filipino is an ever-evolving language and incorporates more words and ideas from other languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Arabic, and Sanskrit. Thanks for the heads up. Memorizing vocabulary is so much easier when the original word and the slang word are inverses. precy anza (author) from USA on February 11, 2020: Salamat sa explanation and additional words. Kinita ko sa pagsusulat. Question: What does "patay" mean in Tagalog? Jowa means "lover," "boyfriend," or "partner.". Werpa is another newly born Tagalog slang word. That's right, this particular word means "borrow." Don't. Pasabot kay mga reklamo, dili pag uyon sa pamaagi or pamalaod or patakaran. Maaari. Reading the word backward from the last syllable will give you the Tagalog word sarap, the Tagalog word for "yummy." This word is perfect for a delicious dish that just made you finish two extra portions of rice. Thanks for the additional words na pasok sa banga for this such as the "Eh di wow," "Sana all," and "Bida-bida!". Always Updated. Anybody knows a tagalog slang word for somebody likes to balut take home foods in a party? You got me with the joke. ", Chika means "What's up?" For the purposes of this article, we will largely be referring to Tagalog slang words, though many of the selections below are also used in Filipino as well. Though they are sometimes mistakenly thought to be interchangeable, Tagalog and Filipino are separate, distinct languages that nevertheless share much in common, with the latter actually being based in the former. For the guys, I can only think of "tol" and "bro," which means "brother" is often used. I have the perfect slang word for that—swabe! Is it a slang word? Eating too fast? Share This Page on. Maybe because I am Bisayan. Filipino word: Kawingan. Jontis is the Tagalog millennial slang word for "pregnant" with the letter "b" from the standard word buntis changed to letter "j.". Another example just today, was my four-legged nephew sleeping on the couch with his head hanging on the edge -- laylay. The word stink isn't the exact English translation for this as it has it's own exact Tagalog equivalent -- baho. Ganern Awa Awit. :), What is patola my PH friend said "Mga payola! With Mars being used for a female friend. The words listed below are not the most common words, but a broad sampling of words.See the Word Lists page for more details. Fresh from the oven along with lodi, petmalu is a Tagalog slang word that means extreme, exceptional, cool, excellent, or something extraordinary. A collection of useful phrases in Tagalog, an Austronesian language spoken mainly in the Philippines. See more ideas about words, unusual words, cool words. Also, I might as well mention another word often used for stupidity: engot. In Tagalog, kotse is the word for "car." Waley doesn’t convey disapproval either. Start learning Filipino with these words! ", You'll most likely hear kids using this slang word. (Pwedeng albor? Have you ever been asked out by a guy with smooth moves? Posted in. But this isn't only used for pets but for a person who runs away with something not theirs. Learn Filipino vocabulary, phrases and words FAST with TONS of FREE lessons! Gigil is that unexplainable feeling of wanting to squeeze someone's cheeks who is adorably cute, prompting you to do just what you feel -- squeezing their chubby cheeks or nose, giving tight hugs, or a kiss on the cheek. English translation: Thermodynamics Question: What does "awit" mean in Filipino? But since you said some are wrong, let's see, can you share what you know then? Let's have more than 15 weird Filipino words and see what each means. Much appreciated specially to the person below me. : When I was a kid, I was always excited to learn new vocabulary. But I stand by them. Answer: "Salpok" is a root verb. English translation: Hyperlink. Ow, my shit! I say you should hunt down or find whoever created these slang words and let them know how you feel. Without them, conversations become stale and boring, and Tagalog is no different. like Bennytootie, Awit Kasi is like another term for nakakaawa? There is a reason why most of what I've included are yung mostly used today and that's because people are searching for their meaning. I forgot to buy chicken yesterday.John: What's for dinner? This one is currently making a hit, along with #2 on this list. Beans, squash, and bitter gourd. Tanga! ;) I wish other readers that might come here will learn something from you. It’s shortened from Mare. Not sure if these words are considered deep or not lol. Also have never heard of ‘albor’ from my friends (both from Metro Manila and the Quezon Province). Don't forget to apply deodorant or else you'll get this unwanted body odor from your underarm. This word is used a lot! This one is so common and even non-Filipinos do this a lot. Filipino is a funny language. Example: "As my best friend, you're the one I'll treat first this weekend. Mabuhay! I bet you can explain everything :) Have a blessed day! If you're looking for a cooler way to refer to money, then consider the Tagalog slang word known as "anda.". While havey is used to indicate approval, to praise good work, or to simply agree to something and say "OK," waley means the opposite. With that, take it as instead of giving the joker a 'thumbs up,' saying 'HAVEY' pretty much means the same. Hallo, Pooh, you're just in time for a little smackerel of something. It's one of those special words that we mentioned before. Laylay is the word for it. I never knew it as ‘poop’. If you're already fluent, then let's see if you recognize all of these. It is that piece of food or whatever you're eating that got in your face. May anda ako ngayon. TJ Dema — … I suspect "suabe" might have been derived from the English word "suave" as in a gentleman with savoir-faire. Once it gets annoying, it's not uncommon for a persistent person to be called "makulit.". One of the most used amongst these weird Tagalog words with no English translation. So, next time you need to do #2 say: "Naeechos ako.". I have money today. If you come in last place or are the loser in a competition, you are the kulelat. Your friend's response was "Ang feeling mo." I earned it from writing. And no, it is not insomnia. And for saying it nicely as some could be so cruel :). The first words out of my mouth were “It says oh semen.” We’ve been best friends for 7 years now. This is the first official Filipino word you might hear when you set foot in the Philippines if … One Word Quotes. You did good with the joke. It was also used at the end of a sentence like- ‘ Ang Ganda na man niya, chos! Tila. Whatever word ends up in last place is just as important as the one in first. Call it outdated, but I just heard this word again when I watched the premiere of a new television series of a renowned on- and off-cam couple for the year 2020. or "What's new with you?" Here are short inspirational one word quotes to cherish your mood. Most of the time, one of the things in the comparison exists in reality while the other is … "Rapsa!" or "We're dead meat!" Stupid! Lodi is the perfect Tagalog slang … This is the slang word for the head of a town or city. So, use these short inspirational quotes in any situation and get motivated. It is not dirt. To foreign ears, our words can sound a mite too percussive, as the ratatat of the expression “Kakabakaba ka ba?” can show.Other times, our vocabulary can just be outright weird, to the point that expats can only scratch their scalps in bemusement. Angel: I've made up my mind. One of the most used amongst these weird Tagalog words with no English translation. A good example of this is (since I couldn't think of any other example), you were walking home with a friend and you found out a guy you have a crush on is at your place and you said to your friend that he's probably there for you.

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