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the first step in the personal selling process is

The selling activities undertaken by professional salespeople includes the following steps: Selling begins by locating potential customers. For certain sales positions, locating leads may not be a major task undertaken by the sales force as these activities are handled by others in company. The salesperson will use their research skills to learn about such issues as: b. What is the first step of the selling process and definition? After a sale is closed, it should be properly followed. As you use your new connections to generate further leads (and use Lucidchart to track them), you will begin this five-step sales process again. The personal selling process step according to which sales person dictates how company can solve problem by offering its product is classified as According to consumer promotion techniques, the cash … Compensation method, which merely acknowledges the validity of an objection, but points out some advantage that is supposed to compensate for the objection, such as lower price, or special care of the product. This method is useful in meeting excuses that are not strongly backed by facts. May Not Be Key Decision Maker – Prospects may lack the authority to approve the purchase. There are many sources from which potential customers can be found: observation, social contacts, trade shows, commercially-available databases, commercially-available mail list and cold calling. This stage involves collecting information about the prospective buyers who have been identified in the previous stage. Indirect-identical method (also known as “yes but method or ‘sidestepping the question method), is most widely used method. The entire process is a wasted effort if sale does not take place. The profile is often based on the profile of previous customers. The personal selling process is a 7 step approach: prospecting, pre-approach, approach, presentation, meeting objections, closing the sale, and follow-up. At this stage the salesperson needs to decide as to how to approach the prospective customer. Direct Close – It is a simple technique and is most appropriate if the buyer is showing strong positive buying motives. There are several stages involved in the process and a salesman has to understand all the stages in the process to make the process more effective:-. No one method is used by the two salesmen. All prospects identified may not turn out to be actual customers. A salesman should go by the AIDA approach-The demonstration should get the customers Attention, hold their Interest, build-up the Desire for the product and end in purchase Action. Prospecting for customers is the first step to selling. Inadequate preparation, poor impression, failure in meeting objections or wrong approach on the part of the salesman may come in his way. This can involve writing up an invoice and providing any final information to the customer. This information is used in selecting an approach and in creating a sales presentation. For salespeople actively involved in generating leads, they are continually on the lookout for potential new business. A) prospecting and qualifying B) sales preapproach C) sales presentation D) unearthing objections E) demonstrating advantages. Each of these steps is equally valuable and plays a critical role in building a successful career in sales. For instance, salespeople may receive a list of sales leads based on inquiries through the company’s website. Marketers search for prospects in directories, websites and contact through mail and telephone. There are many reasons for this including: i. The main goal of the first step in the personal-selling process is to A. identify a firm's key decision makers.

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