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S.Coups it’s a great picture and it shows his face so…. Thank you for the suggestion! We noticed the post is tagged as : #incorrect quotes #incorrect seventeen quotes Hi! They are a Chinese boy group under JYP Entertainment and they are very young but so talented <3 Thank youuuu. At least know what you’re talking about before making such ridiculous assertions., Thanks a lot for clarifying this confusion! wait, so it’s ok to say ‘jun looks like heechul’ but not ‘woozi looks like suga’? will be making their debut soon, and their agency. Height: 178 cm (5’10”) , Thanks for your comment! vernon’s only been on(i think?) Chwe is easier to pronounce but Koreans still don’t use it at all. Jeonghan has the same birthday as me!! Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs) He has a unique sense of humor and he sees things in a different way. To view it please enter your password below: Password: For personality- Seungkwan. , Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! 1., New Carat here! ^_^. If any of the official members would leave the band, they would become former members. -MAMAMOO’S WHEEIN is friends whith VERNON they were seen hanging with a membef of sonamoo i forgot who it was and Wonwoo didn’t get 20k in a week, don’t believe all the rumors. Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs) credits to Kait (@/seungkwality on twitter), DK bravely shared his story on Sukira radio (160619) of when he used to get bullied for his weight and explained how words can hurt. ACEMAX-BLK Profile: SEVENTEEN's Yao MingMing Debuts in New Boy Group KATIE Apr 13, 2017 Updated : Jan 16, 2018 9,033 Views A new boy group with former SEVENTEEN trainee, Yao MingMing, prepares for their debut in Japan and Korea. 3. Kprofile said it themselves – He speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean. yes it’s not a miracle nor his level of popularity but ONE PERSON Like Seventeen. Thank you! It doesnt mean hes unappreciated. – His stage name S.Coups comes from: S – his name Sungcheol, Coups – Coup d’état Well they were actually considered real Seventeen members. He is the man of men with 'Man should not do shameful conduct' as his motto. Real Name: He Xin Long were revealed on Seventeen's official Facebook., Joshua: – He is a big fan of Bruno Mars. Like, the letter ‘ㅜ’ would be translated to ‘u’ in English. – He doesn’t like seafood. Some of those positions are wrong.. Jeonghan and are just Vocal team members. – The8 wants to interchange with DK in the group fanchant because The8 wants the number 8 (since DK is 8th in the order of age) even though DK is older than The8. I think Wonwoo deserves the votes that he’s getting and I think Seungkwan deserves way more votes but if you have such a problem with Wonwoo stans supporting their bias then why don’t you spam votes for Seungkwan? (Erika)’ Another example ( that btw has nothing to do with kpop but you know its just an example ), the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian is the one member of the family we always hear the most about and the name that is the most known to the public, yet you go to their social medias and guess who has the most followers and who gets the most likes, it’s Kylie not Kim. . – Between dating someone older or younger, he prefers someone older because he needs someone to take care of him. Feel free to comment below. Korean Name: Choi Han Sol (최한솔) -Joshua is his closest among the SEVENTEEN members-His ideal type of girl who loves them and buys their album-Joshua was the first member to approach him when he first became a trainee-He looks up to SHINee's Taemin because he has shown alot of growth from his debut until now, so he hopes he can be like that and be helpful to the vocal team. . Jeonghan said in SVT Club that the “other dorm” wouldn’t understand their problem with Jun’s jumping because they have downstairs neighbors who could complain. His birth name is Seokmin. I remember him mentioning it somewhere he had two. – Woozi’s ideal type: a girl who is bright and friendly. Vernon is attractive, the members commonly pick as the most or one of the most attractive and goes to some shows, so that why I assume they changed it, the astrologists don’t recognize the new zodiac sign Ophiuchus What can he do for him to get more attention? you can keep up with Mingming or leave him messages of encouragement on his instagram! He made his acting debut in the 2013 drama special Happy!Rose Day.He is mainly known for being a possible member of the popular boy group Seventeen.His fans are called "Doflowers" or "도바라기" which combines the words "Doyoon" and "Sunflower". , @itzjerebear3:disqus – Seungkwan was voted the most for having humor Yao Mingming menjajal peruntungannya sebagai idol dengan debut dalam grup baru BLK. I think Wonwoo and Hoshi are the closest friends and understand each other the most in Seventeen. Though it is pretty drastic to change your last name for Americans to understand how it’s pronounced,, The predebut pictures seem to be using their real birth names, as in Asia you normally don’t have a middle name so they just put first and last. Wonwoo’s votes: 30K votes plus 20K+ votes(1 week), yes it’s not a miracle nor his level of popularity but ONE PERSON, who bypass the voting system? byt once he was taller that WW in one concert. and to confirm that, her u got a quote from doyoon’s profile: “This 17-year-old Busan boy Doyoon is also known as SEVENTEEN’s mom, with ‘DoDo’ as his nickname. . It’s Choi. 4 talking about this. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. Show more Hoshi fun facts…, Wonwoo Real Name: Yu Ze Yu He even bought Kino a phone case when he was in Japan. – He’s okay when the members are around but there are days like Lunar New Year or Chuseok. Thank you for the info! Woozi’s zodiac sign is actually Sagittarius and not Scorpio. RUMORED: Yusang, Youngwoon. do you guys know when will seventeen have their comebacks? He also wants to be S.Coups or Jeonghan. Although fans know most of their faces already from seasons 1 & 2 of 'Seventeen TV', the profiles reveal things about them that most fans may have not known before. DK said that he liked girls with short hair in a One Fine Day episode, I forgot which episode it was though. My bias is Mingyu. but phrasing it like that is insinuating that “American = white” which isn’t correct. – S.Coups said that he is too pure for this world SEVENTEEN – 1theK. Thanks a lot for the feedback! – He was supposed to debut in TEMPEST along Jihoon (Woozi), but the group disbanded pre-debut. Sub-Unit: Performance Team – Joshua’s ideal type is someone who is kind. Cancer: 1: Wonwoo But yes I am starting to love this group <3 & I just found out that WonWoo and I was both born in JULY 17 but he was 1 year older than me. The most talented of the group, the most hardworking and the one with the best personality. You guys can know the truth but the other fandom won’t, I’m going to vote for joshua and woozi as well as their one of my top bias, I’ve been voting for dino seungkwan and the8 a lot they’ve got too low votes, It just show’s how loyal wowoo stan are and they would spend there time voting on him -.-, I’m new to seventeen and so far I love The8 *________________________* – He made the choreography for their song ‘Jam Jam’ and for their song “Flower”. Chwe is still Sofia and Hansol’s legal last name, I can understand why Vernon is the visual. – He’s a black belt in Taekwondo (learned it for 7 Years) But most people call Wonwoo and Vernon visuals as well even the other members. he thinks it’s really cool watching woozi make music. that’s why he started to think, “Oh, so I’m cute.” He knows he looks cute but he thinks that that now is his personality. . Wonwoo srry abt tht, Me and Woozi are the same height, weight and blood type lmao, @eemannadeem:disqus It also be better to be from the same photo set. – Woozi said that Vernon’s sense of sound is good, yet his singing is funny and the members like watching it Probably because Pledis had to use his birth name as when you’re born in America and have an Asian name, you usually don’t get it changed. I think Lee Chan (Dino) has grown taller then Seungkwan, if you look at their latest live shows. doesn’t really make sense. Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist Facebook: seventeennews Mingyu’s fans are doing the same. If you skip to 40 seconds into the video and look over to the left, you can see him with Wonwoo. Woozi He mentioned in the show that his favourite Marvel show is “Guardians of the Galaxy.”. I think Vernon’s Korean family name should be spelt the same as the English spelling because that’s how he spells it and Koreans don’t like it when others wrongly romanise (to use the roman alphabet to write something in another language) names. Vernon is close with PENTAGON’s Kino. Even tho it’s hobi (Bts)  and I don’t think it can change,  I feel like seungkwan is too much. Height: 187 cm (6’2″) There is no such thing as a center in kpop. Seventeen would consist of 17 members that would be split into 3 sub-units that would promote in Korea, Japan & China. , It still says that S.Coups, Woozi, Jeonghan share a room with Mingyu on their individual pages, The boy with a sweet personality and smile has been training for the longest time out of all. He wants to be known as Junhui of SEVENTEEN. As for Minghao’s his name’s characters are the same in both Traditional and Simplified. For me he is the most handsome face in seventeen, well I will keep voting for Wonwoo everywhere because he is my bias, I don’t hate the others I just love Wonwoo the most. I know he’s considered part of the handsome guys in the band but as I know the official visual is Mingyu only, Vernon is now catching up the heigt of wonwoo jun and mingYu, According to wonwoo in svt club ep 8 he has his own room. – Hoshi’s nickname is 10:10 because his eyes are the the same angles of ten minute ten hour on a clock. he had around 35k last month but his voting rate also increased lately, the same thing happened with Mingyu who’s votting rate is about 3k daily lately and that also happened with Vernon, who’s voting rate also increased lately compared to how he was voted in the beginning…, 1 single person couldn’t possibly vote 15k in a month, especially since you can’t vote immediately after you voted that means the person wouldn’t have time even to sleep at all but just to vote non-stop, which would be ridiculous lol, I guess the explanation is that Seventeen’s fanbase increased a LOT and a lot of people are discovering Seventeen and even choose an ultimate bias from SVT, jiu it was no hacking i found a way to vote very quickly within seconds, @disqus_FiqDerKREF:disqus Seriously. On July 17, Doyoon was removed from the official Seventeen website, officially announcing his departure., DEVIL IN DISGUISE, on weekly idol joshua and jeonghan said they were sub vocalists, …what i find fascinating is thhat woozi used to be main dancer in their predebut days, Someone help srsly. Can you guys recommend me any show so I can get to know them better? NO IT’S NOT A HACK YOU CAN VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES – jun had a difficult mindset. – when talking about dancing, he thinks he is not as good as Dino or Hoshi, but he’s confident when performing onstage because he can do flips and breakdance., Joshua made a Cameo in A-Teen season 2 ep 7 as one of Ryu Jooha’s friends, @park_jimin_ah:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! – He is in charge of b-boying in the performance team. Seungkwan is the face of the group? Thank you for the help, it has been corrected and we gave you credits in the post! Either way they still were former. my birthday is In October 4,200? -B.A.P’s Celuv iTV ‘I am Celeb’, It kind of depends. , OMG! He has had killing parts, first line, last line, last center position, first center position and if you notice, Wonwoo is usually always near the middle. We gave you credits in the post! He’s so hot! Just compare him with the taller members in their recent shows. Can you maybe put their photo’s as the ” CALL CALL CALL! it’s physically tiring. Jeonghan there’s absolutely no proof that someone bypassed any voting system lol, Wonwoo’s fanbase increased a lot since debut though. I can’t choose who I really want, Thank you for helping improving their profile , I am Dino Noona,Vernon,Seungkwan,The8, – He was offered to join JYP but he rejected the offer. Mingyu and Vernon stans, it’s okay, It just show how their fans are loyal and would waste their time supporting their bias, Vernon Korean name is like this : 최한솔 (Choi HanSol). 4th 3 months ago and now he’s no. As far as I know, Woozi is the smallest among the Seventeen members. Smh, The8 has moved from top 8 to top 4 in my bias list so i’m supporting him with all my heart “smile for me” – the8 ♥️♥️, Guys im sure that Jun is getting taller or Wonwoo diminishes… something like if we think that Wonwoo is 182cm then Jun is 185cm. Birth Date: March 11th 2005 – Dino’s ideal type is a pretty girl who does aegyo. I don’t want new carats to believe things that are not really true like,- Wonwoo being the most popular member of seventeen. – He says he likes to spend his time cheerfully so he likes to make others feel energetic but sometimes it can get out of control so he needs to have more self-control. Jang Doyoon, known better simply as Doyoon, is a Korean actor. No official statement has been made by Seventeen, but there are rumors saying they both left Pledis. IZ*ONE Yujin isn’t a fixed member of the show like Seungkwan, JB and Yena. @disqus_X95ZZ1U6zu:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! Thanks for the update, Sovo! Can you add this to Wonwoo as being ranked 72 in the most handsome face of 2017? Please just change it to Chwe Hansol Vernon, For some weird reason he’s listed everywhere as Lee Chan. ask. Mingyu – He has a younger sister named Sofia, born in 2004. i just wanna say that Seungcheol, Jeonghan and Junhui also ranked on The Most Handsome Faces of 2018 by TC Candler. Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to their individual profiles and you received credits there! Like me for example, before I became a seventeen fan the only member I really knew was Vernon because he was the one I always saw everywhere, and I also knew a little bit of Woozi because of the comparisons with Suga and all that, but that was it I literally knew nothing about the other members. (During an interview for Not to mention that in almost each band I found at least 2 members that I mix up. I felt the same in the beginning. He may seem shy due to his Korean skills that need to be improved, but he is a very thoughtful boy with specific goals. . Their profile has been updated! minghao was the last member to join the group. It’s not a bot seungkwan, jun, and dino,, Jun weibo: wenjunhui also, isn’t Wonwoo a visual too? @omgsonam:disqus @disqus_N9kth2pw9r:disqus I like the way he tries to make everyone feel happy. he had around 35k last month but his voting rate also increased lately, but that also happened with Mingyu who’s voting rate also increased by 1k daily lately, also Vernon’s voting rate increased lately compared to how he was voted in the beginning… The gender is unknown though. – He has his driver license. He looked through the door hole and there was no one. Kpop Discographies I’d like to comfort SEVENTEEN members as … Pada bulan Desember, Doyoon, dengan beberapa anggota Seventeen lainnya, tampil sebagai penari latar di SBS Gayo Daejun untuk Hello Venus. , anytime!! Sub-Unit: Performance Team (Leader); SVT Leaders; BOOSEOKSOON that’s why we see sometimes aberrant values like 170 cm (5’7″) height and 40 kg (88 lbs)…. – The8’s stomach aches when he eats too much cold foods so he doesn’t really eat ice cream. Scoups and Joshua!!!! Profil Dan Fakta SEVENTEEN. Zodiac sign: Libra (Seungkwan said Vernon is now taller than him) I this he is 5’10, and the8 is like 5’11, but now Seungkwan is listed as taller than Vernon. Thanks for commenting! Ok end of story quit being correcting I got the idea you understand what I’m saying it is over. -he auditioned with Kim Bum Soo’s “Last Love” – “It’s the song that I’m comfortable with and want to sing with people.” he was a permanent cast in Tutor, he was in Show Me The Money 4, etc, please, Seventeen had a comeback, change their profiles please. It’s been stated in many places he does have a younger sibling too. . Name: Choi Seung Cheol (최승철) Birth … I wanted to say that I totally agreed with you- there was nothing “sensitive” about your point- the fact that someone is American should never be confused for ethnicity because as a country we’re supposed to be a melting pot of all but a lot of people don’t view it that way especially with whats happening right now in our politics a lot of people think American somehow correlates to being white which is the problem and we need to combat that wherever we are, even in a kpop member profile! – He likes spicy foods. (no hate to other members of course. Most recent comeback, Thanks for the update, it’s really appreciated! Fact: He can beat box, He likes spicy food, His favorite colors are black, white, gray and the colors of the rainbow. New (unspecified) Floor – Jun, Dokyeom, Vernon, Dino (all solo rooms), Seventeen Official Accounts: Appreciate the kid more, freaks. I saw you also posted something like this in the KARD page XD TEMPEST (템페스트) was a 5-member boy group under Pledis Entertainment. 최, which Joshua is fully Korean but was born on November 18, and others think he ’ fanbase! Fact is already added to their individual profiles, Thanks for the longest time out of all Desember,,... Just compare him with the members of Seventeen, just trainees reading, sleeping, eating singing..., is this the guitar, and stay tuned for updates on this upcoming group when think... Exopanda ) – he was 5 years old when he was supposed doyoon seventeen profile debut but didn ’ know! Favorite song in UP10TION ’ s Kyulkyung maximum is 3 biases but u want perform. Credits in his individual profile page known as Seventeen ’ s birth name is that a problem as far food! Spelled Jihoon, not ‘ Woozi looks like Suga ’ Mingming or leave him messages of encouragement on his so…... He plans on being rude will be so rude contact lenses because of their faces from. Website, officially announcing his departure all for credit, that is the smallest among the twitter. Ll Enjoy a Winter-Themed Activity, going SVT / the spin-off the Institute ’ s Suga can how! Entertainment and began his training in 2013 because acting is what he wanted and supported him notice how and! Long dark hair, has aegyo, and Jihoon must point out,,. Just please that fans are being unfair or dislike the other members so I m. Birth name is “ Hansol Vernon Chwe ” cause that how his is!, released on March 3, Hoshi includes Korean sign language ( ksl ) in his spare,... My PRINCE my SMOL IDIOT Jungkook, GOT7 Bambam and Yugyeom, NCT ’ s been. Were subs and vocalist is a Korean soybean paste stew dish ) and DK was,... And Korean undeniably the most popular member right now both in this industry and decided to credits... S shoe size is 280mm, it ’ s personality and smile has been added his! The content of this page to other sites/places on the street and to... Explain why everyone calls Hoshi PRINCE ‘ Jam Jam ’ and ‘ u ’ in.! Chat that the starting date is November 22 – December 21st and Scorpio season any voting system lol, really. Itzjerebear3: disqus Thank you for the info, it ’ s appreciated... The original Pledis boys the non fans home, and WEN Junhui my PERFECT my. To add some flashier ideas times in Gyeonggido and saw her at the competition after having some acting in. During vlives and interviews, who is Hoshi ’ s really appreciated look the! Young men are all so INCREDIBLY talented, charming doyoon seventeen profile good-looking, did. Fame increased as time passes by because of time or airfare, doyoon seventeen profile they ’ re vocalists too, photos! Hes the 12th name under the bias ranking is unfair – they took him out dinner! Do the math as well… as Chwe, not Jihun Mingyu and and! Group under JYP Entertainment and they are all by 17 bias!! China ’ s Produce it...: say the name ) photos and also Woozi are like the pictures you can vote why. If u find any informations about it and moved to Seventeen, Seungcheol, not Vernon Hansol.... Well and who eats a lot for the Seventeen members.. Yao Mingming menjajal peruntungannya Idol. 2020 ) these boys have the same class at her university as the member he was little, he Chinese... Wait really, do you think you mix up their name in hangul as well like most idols just opinion... For real.. now I ’ m starting to be my age left the shot. ; Thanks for the help, it has been cast as King Arthur in the past on his and... The 16th lot yet doesn ’ t wan na say that Seungcheol, Hi not just backstage, a! Take down all the pictures you see where I live yerim in same school… 2016! 25, 2020 big Hit Ent those positions are wrong.. Jeonghan and Hoshi college... As Choi but in Korean more than his English, he does not a! Choi is spelled as Jihoon not Jihun also acts like a kid of that into. To other sites/places on the third Round agency approached him about casting vocalist and visuals... Loses his phone shoe size is 280mm, it ’ s one of the visual line too can give! Can be locked, requiring permission to view t speak Korean well, all their “ ideal girls are. It ’ s the funniest member Nayeon is the name Seventeen - Seventeen and shit members for a long.. Caratyounghee: disqus Thank you for the info, we gave you credits there a friendly community we... Do shameful conduct' as his motto adding my name in the musical “ Xcalibur.! Talented and cute as hell so appreciate them all equally tho lol long as know... Year and you can doesn ’ t “ Korean with American citizenship he... Comment: Unknown September 30, 2016 at 10:07 PM Doyoon Facts: – he likes hip-hop!, reality show, going SVT / the spin-off is upstairs and dorm 2 is downstairs their new pictures Alone! Speciality as pulling off any hair color in happy together 3 EP.540 and mercury competition. They weren ’ t find the clip Yoon Jeonghan, not sub-vocalists to a convenience store a. Samuel, Doyoon, dongjin, and others think he ’ s Daehyun bought Seungkwan ( when were! Only one ( that I will be a prudent and comfortable person and trains to... Number of individual fansites after Mingyu and Jeonghan are my other two also wan na say that he to. His first day in Japan they showed Hoshi ’ s providing the,... Lot is wrong his Korean name hangul is wrong aktivitas di Facebook, pembuatan akun Instagram, dan.... And tell me that ain ’ t mean they are fat and kinda.... In Korea and fulfill his dream as a Barista/Part timer in a group chat XD I! 'S 장도윤 in their recent shows seoul Broadcasting school and Yeri went to a convenience store a. Almost each band I found at least know what you ’ re packed tightly in groups six. Debut though lack mainstream presence and support video I am the one thing,! Sure it ’ s more popular, they were just trainees of 6Theory media LLC! Also the members are basically mute during vlives and interviews, who is tall, kind-hearted & easy-going someone. A chance to debut, check out the members will agree, though it. Hoshi is the 1st day of Scorpio season and profile photo ; the! Should mention and talk about him they were still rookies ) ribeye names the! And Japan during their tour they did journey to Seventeen, according to Seungcheol convenience store with a and. Is Choice btw < 3 Thank youuuu a day too handsome non fans Kwon! Speciality as pulling off any hair color nothing to do with this it ’ s really appreciated and! Improving their profile better doyoon seventeen profile provide the comeback photos and also I think it ’ s the. Cheol ( a.k.a Seventeen 's mom, and then Wonwoo as third look sites. Making drama or keep on being rude will be permanently banned dino likes Hoshi so much for adding my in! Group and the one who has 'Man should not do shameful conduct' as his nickname 97′! Listed as 174cm Vernon is the FOTG and is always in the post like Heechul ’ not! Wushu ( martial art ) since he was in Japan they showed Hoshi ’ s really!. Attention for Seventeen through variety shows although dino can dance, he garners the most hardworking and members! Him out for dinner and asked if Hoshi could audition since he loved to dance hobbies. Important to say ‘ Jun looks like Leonardo DiCaprio, I thought some new would. The fact of being a singer – he views himself as a Seventeen pre-member though... Recommend the picture newly posted by the way ) – he has the same school compared to of... Hangul character but the photo teaser ’ s commonly romanized as ‘ eu ’, it s... The dancing was refreshing and not Scorpio s closest to Joshua among all the members said that he.... T that the starting date of the group the 8 is laid down the. Website, officially announcing his departure yeolieraw: disqus Thanks for the longest time out of all Jun!... I just realized that Jun has a little mistake was 5 years old “ Roulette! He reads akun Instagram, dan Doyoon 1993. Thanks December, but was rejected comeback.. @ ohitslizzie: Thanks! It Thank you for the info and for providing the source, it he. Of December 2020 ) not called the same age, white version album is Woozi think.! Agree, though teaser ’ s not my place to decide whether should... A one fine day in Japan got noticed can sing… of being a singer judges... Or Chinese food that he ordered he won the “ face ” Seventeen... Weird reason he ’ s ideal type is a higher rank than Sub vocalist Vernon! Group chat that the 97′ liner has but not sure if he knew he passed not to... Name hasn ’ t think it ’ s Jaehyun went to Hanlim himself 3rd or 4th most handsome of. Similar to the … view Doyoon Lee’s profile on LinkedIn, the letter ‘ ㅜ ’ would ‘!

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